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JD Beck is a 15-year-old drummer/producer from Dallas, TX. He began his drum career at age 8; and, started producing at 12. JD is currently collaborating with French keyboard phenom, DOMi Degalle. They are playing multiple dates as headliners in the US and France, as well as opening for KNOWER and Louis Cole. He has played shows in Dallas, LA, and NYC with Jon Bap; including two shows with Anna Wise. JD and Bap are currently in the studio working on both artists' upcoming albums.  In 2018 JD opened  Bless You Bruja, Erykah Badu's birthday party concert. He also opened a series of  Yellow Days shows with Jon Bap. JD has headlined JD Beck and Friends sets at multiple Deep Ellum area venues. In addition, JD provides drum tracks for multiple producers around the world.

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